Tiffany Windows

The sanctuary of this 112-year-old structure is distinguished by 14 memorial stained-glass windows; 13 were designed and installed by the famous Tiffany Studios. The 14th window is a product of Charles and Frederick Lamb. In addition to these major stained glass windows—along with the Willet window (behind the pipe organ) and the “Stem of Jesse” window in the rear of the chapel produced by Clayton and Bell, First Presbyterian Church possesses some 253 other stained and leaded glass windows.

The Tiffany windows are unique in that they are painted on fine, specially made Tiffany pastel cathedrals and then backed with a plating of Tiffany opalescent and Favrile (hand-made) glass, all set in specially milled double-high heat lead made to house the double layer of glass. These are the only such windows in which this process was executed by the Tiffany Studios; thus they are a unique collection of Tiffany windows! Because of the placement of the balcony in the sanctuary, it appears that each window is two separate windows, upper and lower. However, each is 26 feet high and 7.5 feet wide, and one complete window. The lower sections contain more earthly type scenes, mostly from the first four Gospels of the New Testament, depicting Christ's ministry on earth. In the upper portions are more heavenly images, with many angels.