CARE Ownership

First Presbyterian Church provides office space on our third floor to CARE (Coalition to Affirm Real Estate) Ownership, a ministry that mentors individuals, who are working toward more productive lives, in the skills of real estate management. CARE Ownership purchases and rehabs multi-family homes in low-income neighborhoods while teaching individuals how to maintain the property and become its landlord. The individuals who are mentored receive reduced rent and eventually can purchase the home from CARE Ownership, providing them with long-term financial stability.

Working from the First Church space are Vice President Linda Schultz and the dedicated board members. Linda explains their ministry this way: “Carrying out the command to love your neighbor as yourself, we recognize that our neighbors must include the poor, the down-trodden, those in need. We follow the model of Jesus by working through relationships as the primary means of change-hence, a mentorship model supporting trust, self-respect, and the building of values.”

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